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  • How much will it cost to hire 3T Photography to photograph my wedding?

    ANS: This is the hard question for us because some people expected more while other expected less, therefore the price will be different. So for the best please send some sample of images that you're really like and the job's detail to us through our email; info@3tphoto.com.au, then we will send you a quote straight forward after that. We're deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Should I book 3T Photography beforehand?

    ANS: It's all depending on you, but we highly recommend that you book us beforehand, otherwise we will not guarantee that we will be available on your wedding day. In fact, most of our client usually book us at least 2 weeks before their wedding day.

  • What is 3T Photography's photographic philosophy?

    ANS: 3T Photography believes that all of our wedding clients deserve the very best value and service available. 3T Photography provides a highly professional service, tailored to meet your individual needs, standards and tastes. We aim to capture your wedding day as true as possible to life.

  • How will 3T Photography make our wedding photographs unique and personal?

    ANS: 3T Photography continuously aims to push our boundaries when it comes to creating images that capture the lights and emotions of the day. 3T Photography achieves this by quickly adapting to the new surroundings and environments that every wedding has to offer. The staffs here at 3T Photography are well-trained and experienced in a lot of photographic techniques, such as: Landscape, Architecture, Photojournalism, Fashion, Portrait and Product (see in Photography's Categories) to help making your wedding images more special and unique.

  • How many photographers will photograph my wedding?

    ANS: This depends on how much you are willing to pay, but normally there is just one.

  • What benefits do I get if I choose 3T Photography to be my wedding photographer?


    1. 3T Photography is highly-trained and also has a legitimate photographic qualification (a lot of modern photographers don't have the photographic qualification and scam!). In fact, 3T Photography is also a member of  Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) in 2013.

    2. No hidden cost from us. Pay for what you need without any extra.

    3. 3T Photography doesn't use our assistant as a main photographer.

    4. 3T Photography will deliver to you unlimited numbers of edited pictures of your wedding day without the use of any watermarks, except the images that use for social media websites such as Facebook.

    5. 3T Photography can delivery your package in one week, depending on the package you choose.

    6. You can customise your own wedding package.

    7. 3T Photography can provide a free wedding consultation for you.